2022 Honda Ridgeline – The Car Like TRUCK

2022 Honda Ridgeline –  The Honda Ridgeline is getting some pretty good reviews from vehicle reviews websites all over the internet. Some have said that the Ridgeline has truly become a truck for anyone who wants to enjoy a truck like a car without the hassles of parking in a crowded lot. Others have commented that they really enjoy the Ridgeline’s ride and handling. But is the Honda Ridgeline worth the asking price? We will answer that in this review.

2022 Honda Ridgeline

2022 Honda Ridgeline

What You Have to Get From 2022 Honda Ridgeline

WHAT TO PAY FOR: The Ridgeline is priced right at its MSR, which stands for vehicle rating registry value. That means it is a mid-priced truck depending on what model year you get. In the case of the Honda Ridgeline, that model year is the 2010 model year.

Other comments for this model year have been that the tires on this truck are a bit on the firm side, but one we did see says that the 2022 Honda Ridgeline is a truck that handles well and ideals well when it comes to highway driving.

WHY IT MIGHT BE A GREAT Truck: Honda has always been known for building reliable, well-built, and great trucks. This is one of those well-built vehicles that you can depend on and feel comfortable riding.

The Ridgeline’s ride is plush, and the ride is not harsh at all. The ride is smooth and quiet, which is a definite bonus. The weight of the Ridgeline is at only 2 tons, which is very light for any pickup truck.

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WHAT TO OBTAIN: Honda has two major pickup truck lines, the 2022 Honda Ridgeline and the Accord. Both of these trucks are well-built and offer lots of room, a lot of power, tons of cargo space, and all the latest technology. So, how do you know which truck to buy? Well, you need to ask yourself what you want to use the truck for. If you need a truck for hauling and transporting loads from point A to point B, then you will definitely want to get the Ridgeline.

BUT, if you just need a pickup for going to work or coming home from work, then you probably don’t need all the space that the 2022 Honda Ridgeline offers. That’s why there are trim levels, and trim packages available.

There are many different trim levels, including the Ultra trim level which has an extra large cargo bed, a hydraulic Liftgate, a Honda ProClip front bumper, and a Honda Ride&shift six-spoked manual transmission. There are also trim packages for other Honda makes like the Civic, and the Accord.

What else comes with this great truck is the great Honda Civic interior. The Ridgeline also offers a very nice selection of colors, including Platinum Black and Cool Black. With the 9-speed automatic transmission, there is plenty of power for getting the job done, whether you are running a lawn mower, gardening equipment, or pulling up toys at the park. The steering is a bit thin, but it is still comfortable. The seats are plush, and the instruments are easy to access and use.

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The only drawback to the 2022 Honda Ridgeline is its size. At over 53 inches long, the Ridgeline is bigger than your average car. However, when you buy the auto, you have a choice in trim levels, or in order to add more luxury elements like leather seats and even stereo sound systems.

Either way, you can expect a great ride and excellent handling. The addition of a high-tech navigation system, such as GPS True Track Plus, further cements the call for this truck. And the sharpening of the focus by Honda has resulted in sharper graphics that add even more definition to this already impressive package.

The new 2022 Honda Ridgeline features the same factory body line as the older model, but it has more aggressive lines on the side and rear. In addition to the sleeker look of the new body style, the powertrain, suspension, and braking are also improved compared to the previous generation.

The new tires help Honda shave off a few more pounds from the curb weight of the Honda Ridgeline, and the overall size is about six pounds smaller than the old model. While this may seem like a drawback to some consumers, these things offset the loss of passenger space, which is what really matters to most.