2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD – Is There Anything New For 2022?

2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD –  The 2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD is one of today’s best small trucks. Only a handful of trucks provide similar functionality and features as the Sierra 3500HD, although that does not make the class any less cutthroat or less competitive. The Ford F-350 Super Duty and Ram 3500 both offer their own take on this heavy duty truck formula. In the end, however, it is the driver’s choice which appeals most to him or her.

2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD
2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD

What You Have to Get From 2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD

The Ford  currently remains the most popular small truck among American families, according to the Car Finder survey. The Ford’s styling, coupled with its great gas mileage makes it the perfect candidate for a heavy-duty pickup.

The Focus’ bed is relatively smaller than that of the 2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD, and yet the manufacturer has managed to make the Focus incredibly powerful and efficient, thanks to its super fast combustion engine and powerful transmissions. Despite its small size, however, it still offers plenty of room for hauling whatever it is you might be after, thanks to GMC’s comprehensive package.

As for the 2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD, it was redesigned in response to consumer reviews that were displeased with the truck’s towing capacity. Previous versions of the Sierra were limited to a maximum tow rating of only 9k pounds.

This limitation, coupled with an unreliable powertrain, caused many owners to abandon their trucks in favor of newer, better equipped models. Now, GMC has offered an update to the Sierra, which is set to debut during the second half of 2021. Here are some of the highlights of the upgrades:

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GMC has significantly upped the ante on both performance and capacity. Now, the 2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD starts at a toned-down Sport trim model, which will offer moderate sipping power and comfortable ride, thanks to updated suspension and new Michelin tires.

However, if you need to haul a trailer with more grunt, you can opt for the Big Block or Magnum model, which features tougher suspensions and larger tires. GMC will also introduce a series of sport utility vehicles, such as the Grand Cherokee, Pacific, and Colorado. These, along with the s Sierra, will all offer a variety of transmission options, from manual to automatic.

GMC has also improved on its truck lineup by introducing both trims. At present, models with either the HD or Silver trim levels come standard with a six-speed automatic transmission. Consumers who wish to upgrade can do so, for a price. Limited trim levels come only with the Standard automatic.

The company is also developing a new mid-sized sport utility vehicle, which will be introduced later this year. A tentative release date has been given for the truck, yet it’s unclear whether it will be named the 2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD or the GMC Sierra HD35. We do know that it will feature a diesel powertrain, which is standard in the Grand Cherokee and other trucks produced by the automaker. Expect to see the truck offered in sedan, Coupe, and Cabriolet flavors, as well as a pickup variant.

As mentioned, the new mid-sized pickup truck is expected to feature a standard gasoline V8 engine. It is also rumoured that the engine will be a hybrid version, and it is possible that GM may introduce a new dual-fuel system for the vehicle. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it is believed that the new truck will use a combination of diesel and gasoline, or a combination of electric and diesel. If so, this would mark a first for General Motors.

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Finally, we have a look at the redesigned CVA, or Celebrity variant, of the 2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD. Although it’s not the most popular model, it does have its benefits. For instance, it features a completely redesigned front end, including new fog lights, a new grille and a new bumper. No matter what colour you choose, the refreshed Generalmobile can certainly offer a more personalised look, especially if you’re hoping to highlight your own personality.